flavors of mannequin

I haven’t quite figured out the mannequins here in Turkey. It's possible that Turkish people don't think that their mannequins are weird -- which would be weird. But there is a big part of me that believes that Turkish distributors know exactly what they are doing. They understand that their dummies will get more attention if it appears that they are part of an underground methamphetamine ring. I don’t know much, but I DO know that Turks have a fairly good sense of humor. And everyone probably agrees that a plastic model that appears to have been beat up by it's pimp is funny. It just is.

It kind of looks like she is wearing a trendy wrist band.
But don't be fooled. It's packaging tape so that she doesn't lose a hand.

They, like, glued on chest hair. I'm thinking pirate.
Bag of baby heads. Whatevs.

Child gang touting ill-fitting athletic wear for adults

Obviously you will be successful enough to own a tuxedo at age seven if you have that kind of a mullet.

Mullets help you to win at life.

favorite. The eyebrows are legit.


Oh Turkey. I love your little details.