God Bless America...A place where so many things exist together

I like this so much. Nutrish. I say it in a small voice.

This is scary and was found in a public restroom. I hate it for it's truth.

The worst show on television. It is upsetting just to flip past. This program showcases the people I dislike most in my country. I was going to embed a video of a really bad AFV montage but then I decided to not litter my blog. I just hit it's dislike button on youtube instead. A small stand, but a stand nonetheless.


  1. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Haha! What a great blog! I'm going to read through some of the other posts this evening with a bottle of wine, but for now, armed with a black permanent marker pen, I am off to make lots of little drunk and aggressive octopi, octopussess, octopee in the restrooms at work....

    1. Oh no, I've inadvertently started an octopi support group!! Shit! As if they don't ALREADY have the upper hand(s)...

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Nutrish! That's fantash!
    The thing about America's funniest videos is that it's gotten so much better since the Bob Sagat days. And if it weren't for the fact that my father loves it so much, it's like the only time I hear his explosive belly laughter, I would say it's garbash. My dad gets really into it but then again, he also watches Cops.

  3. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I agree that Bob S is the least funny person I know (I don't actually know him but that's beside the point) -- however, just because he retired from that god awful show does NOT mean that AFV increased in comedic value.

    That being said, I love you and your father very much.