Hi friends

I think I would love these people. They are glorious. They are not my real friends, I just want them to be. I'm sad to report that I have made no new friends in the recent past, regardless of any and all efforts on my part. 

On a more upbeat note, I have become personal with a really large insect that has moved into my house. He actually lives on my porch, but I'm throwing semantics to the wayside.

Yes, he is cuddled up on a lamppost right outside my front door and he is frighteningly large. I'd classify him as "prehistorically proportional." I think of him as my bodyguard/bouncer. He sleeps at his post every night. 

Nothing about the situation makes any sense whatsoever.

I named him Godzilla. 

I think he was attracted to the ladies that hang out underneath my lamppost. 

Or perhaps he was lured over by the fresh scent of plastic flowers. Whatever the case may be, I'm glad he is here now.

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