Common in Izmir:

  • Huge slabs of raw meat sitting on tables outside of restaurants.
  • A deep fear of drafts. Because they will make you sick. Unlike the raw meat on the counters outside of restaurants.
  • Midnight strolls around town. With your baby.
  • Staring. I've started to pick up this habit in earnest. I like that it is socially acceptable here.
  • Getting yelled at by waiters for ordering coffee before the meal begins. Apparently I shouldn't want coffee at that time. 
  • Deep, deep holes in the streets.
  • People using blowtorches on the sidewalks without any safety gear for themselves or caution tape to warn others.
  • Taxi drivers sleeping in the back of their cabs.
  • Small cakes and ice cream served for free on buses.
  • Refrigerated red wine. Everywhere.
  • Old ladies who beat cars with their canes.
  • Black Lung due to the high concentration of coal dust in the air during the winter months.
  • Sitting/standing really close to strangers for no apparent reason.
  • Walking into people (like,  full body-checks) and continuing to stroll on past as if no contact were made. My favorite was when an old woman took it to the next level with my friend Lisa -- she didn't just "bump past" her -- she did a double handed push to Lisa's stomach, perhaps to suggest that Lisa should move.
  • Every man owns and wears at LEAST one cardigan sweater with caribou on it. Everyday.
  • Pants made of sweater. (I have a pair)
  • Single serving hand wipes.
be careful?

ps: I love Turkey

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