Winter Wrap Up

It's January now, so I guess winter is over. There were a few days when it got pretty cold here in Izmir during December. Sometimes I had to button my jacket and wear a hat. But it's been in the 60's (Fahrenheit) for the last few weeks now so I feel like the worst has passed. I saw someone mowing the grass yesterday. Wussup Turkish Spring, it's nice of you to meet me.

When I think of winter passing in America, I visualize a soggy ground and salt smeared cars. In Izmir there is really no indication whatsoever that winter ever happened other than the coal stained street animals.

(Side note: street animals in Izmir are so nice but a lot of them are fugly. Especially when they are coal-dirty.)

I love you. Nevertheless, don't touch me with your syphilis eye.

But listen up, my friends, because I want you to know something. There are MANY other things that winter has left in her wake (for me) aside from just the dirty creatures that rub lovingly against my legs. I am ready to share with you a few choice examples --

I got to see lots of pretty mannies like this one:

I like your hat, sir

I am now the proud owner of a flourishing Turkish Chia Pet that appears to be wearing a Mexican wrestling mask:

Christmas gift

I also now own a small statue of Michael:

Christmas gift

Additionally, I've experienced more than one awkward moment that resulted in this face (and these are kind of my favorite moments):

Christmas gift that I thought was for me until I found out later that it wasn't actually for me

I think people like me.

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