a little bit famous

Guess what? Last Wednesday I became a little bit famous. It all started with a message from my friend.

Him: Do you know who Mary Wilson is?
Me: No.
Him: Ever heard of The Supremes?
Me: OhmygodyesIlovethemIgrewuponMotownbecauseI'mfromMichigan!!!!
Him: Mary Wilson is one of The Supremes and will be in Izmir tonight. Wanna go?
Me: Well..........Yes!

Fast-forward to 7:05 that evening. I led a group of friends in a frenzied power walk to a local theater in IZMIR to see a free show featuring my childhood hero. (I know that the title "hero" seems to be a bit of a jump seeing as how I didn't know her name earlier in the day. But stop being judgmental.) 

This is me with my other Michigan friend here in Turkey, pre-show.

She didn't let her crazy show as much as I did but trust me,
on the inside she felt the same way that my face looked on the outside.
My group of friends and I took up most of a row in a tightly packed auditorium -- and we sang and clapped along righteously to every beat that Mary produced. We laughed when Mary got really diva-licious (talking about her man-friends and whatnot) and  I'm pretty sure that a few of us got a bit teary eyed during some of her more sentimental tunes. I just want to say that I really appreciate a 69 and a half year old woman who is still wearing glitter and flaunting her sexual prowess. I also want to mention that the interpreter was so uncomfortable with what she was saying that he intentionally mis-translated. 

About eight songs into it, my Michigan friend (Rachael) gave me a fairly forceful shove and told me to get up. Just a few short moments later, this happened:

I wasn't really sure what was going on. But on my 30th birthday (I won't mention which year that happened) I promised myself that I would "do more stuff" without thinking too deeply about it beforehand. For better or worse. And that's how I ended up on stage with a Motown Legend last week.

Just another random night in Turkey.

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